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Kitchen Tacoma

At Dream Homes Remodeling, we’re licensed, bonded and insured home remodelers so we’ve installed many hundreds of granite countertops since 2000. They hold their value. Granite’s natural sheen makes it a favorite, as does its ease of sanitation: bacterial contamination isn’t as much an issue as it is with other countertop options. It can withstand extreme heat from pots, pans and other hot surfaces. It’s a breeze to keep clean. And did you know that adding them adds value to your home? It does!

But there’s a flip side to granite’s ever-lasting assets: they’re ever-lasting!  You can’t change the color if the décor that it enhances changes. If you want a different color, you’ll have to take it out and start over again. Swapping out granite gets expensive because it costs a lot and because installing it is labor-intense: installation can run three times the cost of another countertop.

Another consideration is this: granite doesn’t offer a completely uniform look because every slab comes from the earth in a unique pattern and color.

Granite can be stained (forever!) if you seal it with a preexisting stain. And it can be cracked by hard or sharp objects (hammers, meat cleavers, etc.)

Granite Countertops are extremely heavy; additional underlying structural support may be required

Removing cemented granite countertops from cabinets often damages the cabinets.

If you’ve settled on granite, we can help you source them and we’ll be happy to install them for you. Here at Dream Homes Remodeling, we’re licensed, bonded and insured home remodelers.

Our client testimonials tell the tale. We would love to become-and remain-you’re trusted home remodeler, too!

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