Kitchen Tacoma
Kitchen Tacoma
Isnít it time to replace your dishwasher? We humans have a tendency to limp along using what we have. ďIf it ainít broke, donít fix itĒ has served us well from generation to generation. Itís especially sound advice when the economy is in the tank (for everyone except dishwasher manufacturers and dishwasher installers).

But did you know that the moist, hot environment in dishwashers fosters the perfect conditions for two types of dangerous fungi? Indeed they do! Researchers discovered that 62% of the dishwashers they tested contained exophiala dermatidis and exophiala phaeomuriforms on the rubber band inside their doors. Both of these black yeasts are toxic to humans; both tolerate the high heat, high-salt, and aggressive detergents found in acid and alkaline water within dishwashers. People with lung problems (cystic fibrosis most notably) are especially susceptible. On rare occasions, these black yeasts have caused fatal infections in otherwise healthy people. So if you know itís time to replace your dishwasher (even though itís still limping along) now you have a legitimate reason and the medical insights you need to step up your timeline for buying a new one.

Dishwasher Consulting: But before deciding on your next dishwasher, why not consult a home remodeler to see what suggestions he has? Since 2000, we at Dream Homes Remodeling Inc. have been removing and installing dishwashers across the South Sound.  Weíve heard praises and pans. There is much more to know and understand about your next dishwasher than its brand and service warranty.

We also know there to get the best brands at the fairest prices. And when you decide on it, weíre here to install it for you, too.

When do you want to get those nasty black yeasts away from your dishes?

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