Kitchen Tacoma
Kitchen Tacoma
Corian ® is one of the “solid surface” options when it comes to kitchen, bathroom and other countertop options. Other solid countertop options include (but are not limited to) quartz, marble and tile.

Corian ® is non-porous, so keeping it germ-free and clean is extremely easy.  It can fall victim to scratches and burns, though, but these occasional challenges can be sanded away. As with all solid surface, manufactured (non-natural) options, color and pattern options are almost endless and seamless installation keeps the surfaces clean and sanitary.

On the down side, manufactured solid surfaces look manufactured (man-made) but can be as expensive as natural solid surfaces like quartz, granite and marble. Corian® and its kindred surfaces can’t withstand hot pans, sharp knives or other damage-causing materials.

If you’ve settled on Corian® or another manufactured countertop option, we would love to help you source it; we will be happy to install it for you, too. Here at Dream Homes Remodeling, we’re licensed, bonded and insured home remodelers. We love transforming homes into showcases and sanctuaries that reflect the sensibilities of the families that live, love and learn inside them.

Because it’s not easy to trust any service provider at first blush, we hope our clients’ heartfelt testimonials at this site will tell the tale. We would love to become-and remain-you’re trusted home remodeling contractor, too!

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